im alax. 21 years of age. charleston, sc. married to my best friend, JSR. smile when your sad, because every 60 seconds you spend upset is 60 seconds of happiness you have lost. i hate shady bitches, and trust is hard for me. so if i trust you dont break it cause you wont get it back. im a bitch pretty much 95% of the time, but i mean sometimes i can be a nice bitch. i tell it how it is and im not afraid to speak my mind and tell you how i feel. im an emotional wreck, and i cry about everything. i have the best husband in the whole entire world, and he makes me happier than i have ever been in my whole life. everything ive done in life has led me to him and i couldnt be luckier. my blog pretty much explains me...enjoy. :)

Jim Clarkin.♥
rest easy my love, you will be missed more than you know. i love you. ♥

"I'm a lightweight, better be careful what you say with every word I'm blown away you're in control of my heart. I'm a lightweight, easy to fall, easy to break with every move my whole world shakes, keep me from falling apart."
army life, army wife.<3

Light Pink Bustier.

July 16, 2014- kylie out in calabasas

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Active Summer blog ~ Check out my blog ~ I follow similar accts back

Active Summer blog ~ Check out my blog ~ I follow similar accts back

New tattoo :)

The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up.

One hour and forty five brutal minutes later, I left Adrenaline Tattoo &amp; Body Piercing in San Antonio with this gorgeous motherfucker. Hurt like a bitch, but I adore it. 

A quote to remind me to always stay motivated, bad ass, and destroy.